Cold/warm milk

I have never warmed a bottle for any of my kids, what about you guys? Do you notice a difference with the temperature of the bottle?I just use room temperature water.
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Only at night or for naps because it did help them fall asleep, but aside from that no.

Mine doesn’t care, we feed bottles straight out of the fridge (we prep batch formula ahead of time)

I just use room temperature bottles for most part but have warmed bottles my son doesn’t care either way

I always use room temp water for formula, only time I warm formula is if I premade it for later use but I only warm it enough to get it to room temp but I’ve never fed her formula straight from the fridge.. I wouldn’t like to drink something so cold so I wouldn’t imagine my little one would want to either.. just my opinion

My little guy will give the meanest glare when you serve him cold pumped milk in a bottle. Then drink it, begrudgingly. Lol

It’s harder for baby to digest milk that isn’t body temp, we always warm it.

Pediatrician gave the OK for whatever temperature the baby likes it at - some even do better either it cool or cold.

I've tried to give my LO cooler pumped milk bottles, and she tries to take them/acts like she wants them, but like legit won't swallow the milk it'll just spill out of her mouth and all down her face continuously lmao the second I warm it, she chugs it no problems and no spills lol

We’ve given room temperature bottles since the beginning. He is not the best at burping though and does spit up

I always use body temp water or a bit warmer to mix the formula and then I heat up a mug of water in the microwave and put the bottle in the hot water to warm up a bit more to feed. My baby loves it plus it's easier for her to digest. It helps her fall asleep but also it helps her pass gas lol. I got the baby brezza water warmer and it's been great to us thus far.

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