So my grandma hosted a baby shower for my husband and I a few weeks ago, but we are still receiving some gifts here and there. One thing we had not received yet was a car seat— which was totally fine because we had planned on purchasing it ourselves since that’s the one we wanted. I spent a lot of time researching and deciding between 2 different car seats— both in which I placed on my registry because one was a convertible and the other was an infant but the price for the convertible was a lot more than the other. So I figured if someone wanted to purchase one, they’d have a choice based on what we wanted. Or they could contribute what they felt comfortable giving towards the car seat we wanted. So last week, my grandma told me that she knew someone was getting us the car seat from the registry. Well it was received today, and it’s absolutely not either car seat. In fact, it’s not even the same brand. I absolutely hate it— and while I am grateful that someone was generous enough to purchase us one, I am honestly kind of taken aback that they would buy this. It’s cheaply made, and has a 50% rating online. AND they did not include a gift receipt. My grandma feels horrible because the person asked what we needed and she told them the car seat, however she also sent them the registry and asked that they purchase it from there. This person is my uncle and his wife. I did end up just purchasing the car seat myself a few minutes ago— which again I didn’t have an issue with at all. I’m kinda in disbelief that they wouldn’t stick to the registry for this particular item. There aren’t many things from it that I was not dead set on, and didn’t care if people went off registry…but this? It was very important to me. But yeah, AITA?
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Doesn't make you one at all. Safety and what you wanted is important. It was still kind for them to do what they could (if they couldn't afford the more expensive or whatever idk) so maybe don't like, give them s*** for it too much, but you know. Get what you feel comfortable and happy with

I feel u on the type of car seat u wanted but when someone is buying it u can’t really be selfish about it I think that was nice of them even getting one for you because most people don’t buy the big stuff for baby showers like car seat & strollers that’s why this parents mom & dad gets mostly the big expensive things for the baby rather than have the guest buy all the big stuff it’s just the thought that counts !!!!

Same thing happened to me! We bought the one we desired & gifted the other one to a young expecting mom. Just decided not to make it a big deal with the family member and sent the act of kindness forward.

@KeAsia this is actually a great idea! I will gift the car seat they purchased. I really don’t want to make it a big deal!

I don’t think you’re the An A****** at all. Since you already bought the car seat you want you should just let them know you appreciate it however already have one. And give them the car seat back along with the list of things you still need.

Safety is the number one priority.

Not at all. With my daughter I had selected a very specific pack n play on the registry and my aunt and uncle, luckily reached out to my mom before purchasing anything, asked if they could get an alternative that was similar but cheaper. The answer was no because this particular one had very specific attributes that I wanted and the alternate tho similar did not have the same function. I was more than happy to have her just contribute to the cost or pick something else. Luckily she decided to just get the one I actually wanted. But I completely understand your feelings & it was dumb of them to waste money like that. I'd ask grandma to ask them to return it. Or keep it for a grandparents vehicle so they have something to take baby in when needed. My mom bought a carseat for her car too since i wanted someone else to be an emergency back up if I couldn't get to my daughter at some point. And therefore would not be able to transfer the carseat either. Like daycare pickup & I was stuck in the city or something.

No, not at all. My mother actually just did something similar. We sent my aunt (her sister) our registry, which we didn't make public because this is our second child. My SIL surprised us with a sprinkle this past weekend. My mom told us that she'd need my husband to move our gift from her car to ours, as it was large and heavy. Anyway, I asked if my aunt sent her the registry and she said yes, but she didn't get our gift from there. Turns out she bought us a pack n play..but we already have one from our first child that has the bassinet insert, changing pad and a vibrating lounger chair attachment. It kind of annoyed me that my own mother would completely disregard everything we indicated that we wanted to get us something that she knows we already have, and with no gift receipt Anyway, my SIL suggested taking it to Taeget. If you explain to them that it was a gift and you didn't receive a gift receipt they will take it and give you store credit. So we'll use it for diapers/wipes

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