Okay, I really need a drink after the baby is born, in all honesty, a couple drinks or more 😅 I'm not an alcoholic but we've had so many changes from the move, new job, surprise baby all at the same time, I need a little let loose.

My question is I will be breast feeding so how long do I have to wait before feeding? I'll pump first so there's a supply and have my partner or someone watching her. I will be responsible. Thank you in advance!
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Trust me you aren’t going to want to or have time to until at least 6 weeks and you’re healed, depending on delivery. And if you do end up successfully breastfeeding, also your baby decides to want to/be able to also take a bottle, pump as much as you can and create a freezer stash so that when you do eventually drink you have that to give to them in between feeds. But for the first 8 weeks it’s also crucial that you pump anytime you give a bottle because milk production is based on demand and it’s easy to fall behind. All of that aside, the “rule of thumb” is wait 2 hours after every single drink consumed before breastfeeding or giving them your pumped milk. And you can also order milk testing strips for alcohol! Almost every doctor out there will say it’s just best not to drink at all though. Eventually, down the line, (6 months give or take) babe will go 3-4 hours between feeds so it’s easier to have a drink or two right after breastfeeding then!

I don’t mean to burst your bubble at all!! It takes a long time and a lot of hard work/sacrifice to breastfeed so unfortunately, it’ll still be quite a while before a girls night out. Hope you’re coping okay and have supports ❣️

@Skye Thank you 😊 I'll definitely wait and learn the whole breastfeeding pumping situation. I also know things will likely change once I give birth and get super attached and in mom mode, but it's just been super rough lately to adjust. We moved far away from family and friends, bought a house, started a new job, and found out i was pregnant literally over the course of a few days. Work is incredibly stressful and hard with the exhaustion and baby brain. Im super home sick and miss watching sports with friends and having a couple of drinks to let loose after a stressful week every now and then. Thanks again for giving me answers and not judging 😊 💕

I honestly went off of the “If you can find baby, you can feed baby”. As long as you aren’t trashed, you’ll be fine sort of thing. I must warn you though, 1 drink is gonna feel like 10 after you’re pregnant. I couldn’t even drink half of a beer for months. There’s really mixed answers on alcohol and breastfeeding, so it’s definitely just up to you and your best judgement!

Do you have any nice 0% alcohol options where you are? When I was feeling super stressed during pregnancy and needed to “let my hair down” I poured myself a nice glass of wine in a nice wine glass and just relaxed and honestly it worked and it didn’t even have alcohol in it! But the notion of drinking from a nice wine glass did the trick 🥰 What I would say though if you’re going to ebf and have a drink… please make sure someone is there with you, it’s so easy to fall asleep whilst feeding when you’re so exhausted, and it’ll be even easier to do so when you’ve been drinking for the first time since being pregnant that the risk of SIDS will be even higher, and it’s a criminal offence now if something happened to the baby and you were found to have alcohol in your system. Each to their own and all, but personally, after growing a baby for 9 months I wouldn’t want to risk anything happening to my babies all for the sake of a drink. Maybe when you’re comfortable to and if you have (1/2)

(2/2) option to, send LO to Nannie’s for the night so you can let loose and enjoy some drinks in the knowledge that baby will be perfectly safe 🥰🥰 and you too get to enjoy a bit of down time and hopefully you’ll just be all round feeling better about everything then and can finally de stress ❤️

I had a glass of wine my first night home, after 4 days in hospital. I know some people’s breastfeeding experiences are challenging but don’t let it scare you as sometimes it’s really easy at first (got harder for me around 4/5 months old). But after 2 blood transfusions it was just what I wanted 🤣 I suffered through the 0% wine during my pregnancy and that wouldn’t have cut it for me lol. A glass of wine is absolutely fine while feeding, the most important thing with drinking is making sure you don’t fall asleep holding the baby etc

As far as I know you can have a drink or two with no need of pumping, or you can wait about 2h before feed baby just to make sure alcohol is out from your body. Anyhow, The amount of alcohol that will go to baby is negligible. I used to have a beer some now and then when breastfeeding my lo and he is perfectly healthy! So just enjoy it, you deserve one!

I EBF both my kids. My husband brought be sushi, a packet of Parma ham and a glass of champagne in the hospital. It was the best. I have max two drinks and then usually during baby’s feed or immediately after also always with a meal :) The midwives in the uk say if you can safely hold your baby, you can feed baby

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