How is everyone’s appetite going? I’m still struggling at 13 weeks, I feel like only want to eat pasta, bread and fruit… but really feel like I need to have some veggies and protein!
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Oh my god. Same. I'm at 14 weeks and thought it would be better by now. I feel like I'm not eating enough

@Muskaan yep pretty much everytime I eat something besides fruit I feel sick!

I dont feel sick over any food anymore, but i dont have a craving or any appetite. Jusy want watermelon. Week 15.

@Juliette yeah I'm hungry but don't feel like eating anything 😂 tried making a meal plan but didn't work

@Alice oh yeah I feel like eating watermelon too and cucumbers as well 😅

@Alice haha watermelon is so good! Also raspberries and plums haha anything juicy haha

@Muskaan yeah I gave up on that idea, main goal is just to eat something haha

Oh I was the same up until this week.. just wanting carbs but now I want maccas burgers all day every day (feel sorry for my partner because he’s vegan and here I am eating cheeseburgers lol)

My doctor said as long as I am eating then it’s fine, just make sure you are consuming enough calories for Bub. If you’re worried about protein intake try a protein shake or protein water. Try even the protein pasta x

Oh I’m the same! 14 weeks. I’ve found that having ‘bowls’ is working a treat.. things like rice, cucumber, pickles onions, tomatoes, edamame and a protein! That way I can graze at the bowl and have different flavour combos while still getting some veg in. :)

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