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Please watch out vehicle is posted down below!
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Okay I don't get how they can get clear pics of license plates going over 100mph running a red light but can't get a clear image of this guy's license plate with all the photos they clearly have? Sounds sketchy that they haven't caught him yet

@Crystal they havent caught him yet…

@Crystal maybe he has license plates that dont belong to that car or some type of reflection thing so it wont be visible who knows but watch out apl those streets thats on there is where he shot someone


@Angela yeah that's true. Didn't consider that part. It was just weird that they had it so blurred. Even a clearer shot of the fake one could still help people identify the car if he uses it again.

My husband from LA haven’t heard anything from family

The car probably stolen, be careful yall!

@Amber my dad didnt know about it and hes in LA… I heard it from my 1st bd sisters… its also on the news

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