Birth Prep/Newborn Care Courses

Hi All! First time mom to be, just seeing if anyone has recommendations on birth prep courses or newborn care courses? (Preferably free) I'm very nervous around needles, typically pass out when I get blood drawn so giving birth has been such a massive worry for me. I'm 31 weeks and just want to feel more confident about delivery. As for newborn care classes - my husband & I know a little but want to be able to enjoy the experience rather than be worried about every little thing.
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Check if your hospital offers classes. We did a birth prep class at ours and it was really helpful that we could ask specific questions about the care there, and take a tour of the facilities

Check out information on hypnobirthing. It's basically like mindfulness and meditation to help mentally prepare you for birth. I hate needles too girl. I've passed out in the past from drawing blood. I'm committed to an unmedicated Birth with the help of hypnobirthing. So far it's been helping me get my mind ready for the big day.

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