Please help.

So I was on my boyfriends phone and a text caught my attention… it was a text from my boyfriend to his friend after we left a Super Bowl party and the text said “(my name)s friend (her name) the one I just showed you had a fat ass bro and she keeps looking at me I’m thinking about it” and I don’t know how to react to that. We’ve been together 7 years now and never have I caught him doing or saying anything like this and I just feel heart broken. And don’t know what to do about it.
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I’d confront him.

If you don’t and he actually does do it you will feel even worse I promise. I know this sucks. My ex of 3 years left me cause some girl had a “fat ass” and it tore me to shreds. If you need to talk feel free to reach out.

I wouldn’t even bother confronting him. I’d just leave. If he hasn’t cheated, he will soon.

I'd leave.

Clearly doesn’t respect you I’d be questioning the relationship but definitely confront and see what he had to say for himself


Update us :(

I’m so sorry, I’d have to leave my trust would never return again after reading that

I would confront him in a round about way so as to not out the fact you were on his phone (unless it was authorized by him), then shoot your shot. Coming from a family of brothers the social pressure to continually be “The Man” can be a lot for some men. They start to miss their younger selves and this causes a transition into a midlife crisis of sorts. Most of the time it’s all talk, so as to boost their ego. If confronting him is to much at the moment, talk to your friend about it. As he insinuates that she was eyeballing him (🙄) which is likely an exaggeration (again to boost his ego). Either way, don’t jump to conclusions. Remember your value and your worth. You’re a confident young woman ❤️ Humans are imperfect, doesn’t mean he isn’t in love with you or doesn’t find you irresistible. Just means he’s an idiot trying to impress another idiot lol You got this Queen 👑

Update I forgot to give… I confronted him, and he said he had been drinking and his friend had mentioned her when he went to the bathroom and so he said that. He said..I said what I said but I didn’t mean I’d never do that to you (which honestly I believe. We’ve never had a problem like this before in our 7 years) he’d never cheat on me consistently apologized and I just told him how much it hurt, how if that’s how he acts drinking in front of me do I need to be worried about when he’s away and stuff like that and told him if I saw or heard anything like that again I’d leave without a second thought, he didn’t question why I had his phone cause we don’t go through each others phone, I wasn’t going through his when I found it. But I talked to the friend too and she was disgusted by it, she blocked him on everything (I didn’t ask her to) and said she wasn’t going around him anymore to keep my trust, I felt bad cause I blamed her a little bit at first which wasn’t fair.

After lots of tears and talking were okay for now. Still upset to think about that but feeling a lot better than I did the night I saw it

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