Anybody want to have a Galentine party? I’ll host! Just need the guests lol!
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Oh my gosh how fun!

Would you be interested?

That sounds fun! Kid invited?

@Alexis absolutely

@Savannah sure! Moms can’t always get a baby sitter I don’t want to exclude anyone

Hello my lovely Gal's! I am super excited! Join us for the first "Galentine's at the Park". 1) Meet and Greet at the basketball courts. 🏀 2) Do a quick Mommy walk. 🚶‍♀️ 3) Mommoes will be doing a Valentines Card exchange. You may write a note to a mommy, words of advice, drawing, a poem, words of affirmation, anything that will help a mommy out. This will be a random exchange 💞. 4) Picnic time! Bring your favorite fruit, veggies, or snacks. I usually bring chips and capris juices to share 😊 5) Playdate for our little ones! I hope to see Wednesday! If any questions please don't hesitate to send a message away 💌💌💌

@Flor oh I hadn’t seen your post about hosting a galantine which is why I made this one did you get a lot of response?

Honestly I totally forgot about this app until last night 😔😔😔 just a few mommies not a lot.

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