Exclusively breast fed Bub at what age did you start leaving Bub while you went out?

And for how long would you go out for?
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I leave dad with expressed breast milk if I need to go out for a couple of hours. My baby is just gone 12 weeks old and we have been doing this for at least a month or more.

Since 3 months I’ve left bubs at home with my husband for 60-90 minutes

I started leaving my 4 month old with my partner or a grandparent from 6 weeks. Depending on the time of day/night I will pump and make sure there is a bottle for each feed time (and 1 extra in case she is still hungry). If I don’t have any milk in the fridge for her I won’t be gone longer than 2 hours (her feed time is approx every 3 hours).

From 6 weeks old, I left bubs for about 3 hours once a week. He was fine with expressed milk in a bottle for a while and then started refusing it about the time he went onto solids. He's now a year old and can do about a day without me.

From about 6 weeks with dad. Then from 10weeks with nanna as I was returning 2 work.

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