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My little guy is 9 weeks old and this past week or so he has NOT been sleeping great and is up every hour to two hours MAX (mostly up every 30 minutes after being put down) and is crying so so much more than normal I’ve tried EVERYTHING! I have given the gas drops the gripe water, I even bought a vibrating bed mat for him I’ve tried swaddling unswaddling and nothing is keeping him down for long. The longest he’ll sleep is like 3 hours and that’s ONLY if he’s sleeping on my chest while I’m sitting leaned back a bit. When he’s awake he cries and cries unless I sit him up in front of me and hold him in a sitting position then he’s totally fine but my arms/back/neck are KILLING ME! I’m sleep deprived and I’m having such a hard time I just want to cry! He refuses to take a pacifier as well and I’ve tried many different kinds I JUST ordered a gripebelt and a variety of different pacifiers from Ryan and Rose just to see if he likes any of them. Is anyone else going through this that’s found something that works? Any recommendations on what else I should try? I need help and my husband has two jobs so he works from 10pm-4pm and only has little time to get home eat and then sleep until he works again. Luckily he is able to help on weekends but I have absolutely no other help. This is a pic of his sleep/wake from midnight until almost noon. He woke up 26 times
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My baby did the same thing my doctor told me it was normal

Have you tried osteopath for you baby mama? :) Mine really helped and his digestion is sooooo much better and he is more well now. Also if you breastfreed, try to make sure he is full before going to bed and nappy is fully clean maybe 🤔? xx

It’s totally normal . That sounds like the correct sleep cycles for a 9 week old . They won’t sleep longer than 3 hours and that’s if your lucky . Breast fed babies don’t like dummy’s or bottles but if you try everyday consistently they will take . I found putting baby in carrier and walking with her allowed her to take the bottle but having spoken to friends it’s just perseverance which is really hard as they get so upset . Empathise a lot as I’m going through the same and it’s very hard but there is light at the end , my first didn’t sleep at all until 10 months thought I was going to die 😂 and then one day he did. It will happen . X

This is why I ended up cosleeping. Completely normal for such a young baby. X

My daughter was the same. Started when she was about 5 weeks. She never slept long stretches. Anyway, we figured out first that she had silent reflux. Turns out that it was posterier tongue tie and she wasn't getting a good seal while breastfeeding. We got it lasered when she was 8 weeks and it made such a difference! Also, good winding techniques really helped. Frequent waking is common but every 30 mins and crying seems like there could be something else going on. We kinda had to figure it all out for ourselves. It must be so difficult to manage with no sleep 😵‍💫 Let me know if you need any more info.

That's normal. My baby just turned 6 months old and still wakes up every 2 hours to eat regardless of him being latched, breastmilk on a bottle, formula, or even if I add cereal.

Yeah... It's normal 😅 Top tip, lose the sleep app, stop monitoring, it's just going to concern you.

My little boy has been exactly the same. He’s 10 weeks old. We had three consecutive nights last week where he didn’t sleep more than half an hour and was awake most of the day too. He was crying inconsolably on/off too and we felt so helpless as nothing would seem to settle him. I was exhausted from the lack of sleep. I have back issues so had a flare up too from all the walking around, rocking him, holding him etc when I should have been sleeping. I even took him to the GP twice as we were so worried and they assured me he was fine. Our health visitor was really helpful and explained that unfortunately some babies do just do this at this stage and although it’s difficult, it should pass. A few days on and he is now much more settled. We had one episode of the crying the last two nights, but he’s settled much more. He’s breastfed in bed co-sleeping then we move him to his cot beside the bed once he’s fast asleep which has really helped settle him

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