I miss this confident badass who liked sex. Now-a-days it feels like a chore. Help me or give me ideas on how to get her back. Highkey also can’t understand why I don’t like making sexual comments to my partner like he does me. Any advice? I just feel weird about it.
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Why did you lose confidence? Sometimes it’s all about finding yourself again before being able to feel confident. Take more pictures and realize you still are that badass.

@Rachel @Mercedes is feel the same way. My husband and I used to have sex all the time and I would surprise him with lingerie or send pictures and make the first move. Noe since having our kids I don’t know how to initiate anymore it seems or want to. I take pictures sometimes but nothing like I used to. I know my husband misses all that but I do to and I feel like he’s growing distant cause he does try much anymore because I tell him no all the time

Love your picture @Mercedes

My husband and I both struggled to feel confident and be in the moment with sex without the constant insecure inner monologue for the first few years of our relationship - sex definitely felt like a chore. I know this solution probably isn’t for everyone, but honestly what completely turned our sex life around was cannabis. We aren’t big smokers at all, but every so often we have a weed and sex date where we just get to be silly and uninhibited. It’s helped us relearn how to just enjoy sex without all the insecurity and baggage because it helps us get out of our own heads - it also makes sex feel like extra good!

@Cassidy Thanks girl! I need to take some more!

@Mercedes so do I. Feel free to chat me if you want as well

Ur sooo pretty

Beautiful x

Postpartum? She sneaky sometimes traumas and such can have a long lingering effect too after baby mine is still a toddler but when they're under a decade, it can definitely leave you vulnerable in a whole other way. My other guess is that you time is still cut a little too short. Read some erotic literature, play with your appearance, dress up and take selfies, then walk around the house with little to nothing after hours, dancing freely releases any pent up negative energy allowing you to feel comfortable. What could make you feel happy in your own skin after just a few minutes into doing it? Send him some sexy replies with jokes/gifs/pictures maybe ? Idk your humor. We use it a lot even with sex. Eases tension!

The bad kind lol

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