Is this normal

My little bit is 5 weeks old woke up to him screaming then he vomiting and had really runny poo. Is the colour of this vomit normal as I’m a first time mum and unsure
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I'm such a new time mom myself, but that may need to be checked!!

If it’s mucusy call ur pediatrician. From what I understand anything mucusy (vomit, poop….. nose I think) once they r under 6 months I think needs u to call pediatrician. If u feel it’s an emergency go to the ER I’m a new mom as well and if I have to go to ER for a stupid reason. I rather go and have them tell me it wasnt an emergency.

I say call the emergency room for advice first they will save you your time if it’s anything serious and also prepare for your arrival if you do need to go in !

This isn’t normal for a 5 week old no! I would contact a healthcare professional

i recommend contacting your pediatrician. did everything work out? is your baby okay?

Went to the doctors with him and due to his history in the nicu they’re sending us to A&E

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