I left my baby with my mother & I warmed up a bottle with formula before I left so she could feed her because she just woke up as I was leaving & she was hungry. I come home & my mom tells me she fell back to sleep & she didn’t feed her till she woke up again which was 3-3 1/2hours after I left. I’m really worried & concerned now because she fed her it after letting it sit for so long. Im stressing a lot right now just looking for signs of her not feeling well.
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After a bottle is made it can be out for 2 hours, if the baby had drank out of it it’s only an hour. So the baby should be fine!🫶🏽❤️

They should be okay in my opinion but I’m not a doctor so I can’t speak for everybody’s baby sending good vibes and a good night 🩷

There’s been a study which tests the bacteria in formula when it’s fresh to 3 hours and 6 hours left out and there was only a 0.01% bacteria increase after 6h !! She will be fine ☺️x

Ong stupid me was told that formula can be left out for 4 hours and I didn’t do my own research it even read the label and used to let the bottle sit out for 4 hours … when my son was a newborn.. he’s now 2 😁

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