Worried and need help

So almost 2 weeks ago I got my positive tests. The next day I tested negative. And continued to test negative. I haven't gotten my period yet either, which was due the day I got my positive tests. what could be Happening?! I'm really worried.
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How many positives did you have

@Gabrielle I had 5

Same brand or different brand and did those same brand tests show negative or were they different tests. I just ask because I’m curious if those were indents instead of positives. Or maybe those pick up early hormones but the tests you took that showed negative need more?

@Gabrielle the tests I used were all the same brand and then one was a different brand but was also positive

Gotcha. Well I’d go in and get a blood test to see what was happening

@Gabrielle I got a blood test last week and it said my hcg was 0. And have another blood test today. Do you think I was pregnant and the hcg was high enough for the positive tests and then miscarried shortly after ?

@Gabrielle again I haven't had my period yet either. It's 2 weeks late now

Eh if it was at 0 then I think they might have just been false. Do you happen to have pictures of those? Normally even if you miscarried you’d have some kind of blood and your levels would be a little bit higher

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