Weaning tips for ebf baby who won't take bottle

My LO is about to be 1! At around 8months old he stopped taking bottles because he got too used to me breastfeeding him and now he only wants it from the breast. Hes eating pretty well on solids but I need some advice for weaning when your baby doesn't take a bottle. Anything helps:) will also be doing my research and coming up with a schedule to completely wean him. I'm so exhausted of breastfeeding - I love it but at the same time it can be so exhausting
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I used pasties to show my daughter that boobies went bye bye. She would whine but take the bottle after a little while. My biggest thing was taking a second to mentally prepare to say no boob and just offer the bottle. It was hard but they won’t starve them self. But as a mom it feels unnatural to say no however it only takes a couple days if you’re consistent.

@Elizabeth ahah that's a good idea

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