I have been telling my husband we need time alert and even mentioned separation but then I was tired the convo ended and nothing came of it. He wanted to do a marriage counseling tool tonight as a way to start anew and I just blurted out no we’re not going to do that we need a trial separation - so now I have to figure out a plan…I have no clue how to start but for 1 he can’t afford to move out with our mortgage and 1 car we just bought in 2023… We are so intertwined / 1 child, car, mortgage but no credit cards. Help what am I supposed to do - I want this I know we need this I just don’t know where to start.
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I feel this so deeply. My husband and I separated last year, I moved out. But the only reason I could was because a friend took me and my 4 kids in. Otherwise I'd still be there.

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