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So I started my 5.5 month old on oatmeal and stage 1 veggies. I prepare the oatmeal with expressed breastmilk. Whatever I have left over I give in a bottle. The problem is she has only taken a bottle a few times. She's been EBF 99% of her life. So now when I put the remainder of her milk in her bottle she doesn't know how to drink it. I've tried 3 different bottles now and don't want to introduce sippy cups yet. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Which bottles have you tried? It took about two months for my EBF baby to take a bottle -patience and persistence is key! We practiced every day and we try to make it as positive of an experience as possible. Once he started fussing or crying we would just stop. We tried about 12 bottles (yes, really) and he took Minbie and Lansinoh. Also, experiment with different nipple flow rates. After about two months of trying, we realized that he just preferred a faster flow. It also helped if the nipple was warm so I would run it under warm water for a few seconds before feeding.

@Jordania we have tried Motif, mam and Avent. I have a dr.browns that I'm going to try today. It could be the flow? These are all slow flow.

@Krystle I had to switch my nipples on my dr brown bottles to level 2 for 3 months +. My little one had a hard time latching on as well but I tried faster flow and she latched on. The only bottles she likes are dr browns. I wish you the best of luck. Everything is going to be fine

I’ve heard it is recommended to bottle feed before giving solids because sometimes they get a little full and are less interested, but breastmilk is more nutritious so it should be offered first. We also found the Phillips advent natural bottle to work really well for our EBF baby!

@Krystle flow probably is a large factor too!

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