Best nappies?

Two nights in a row my LO who is nearly 15 weeks old has peed through her nappies, clothes and sleeping bag. It is the only thing that wakes her up in the night otherwise she would sleep through. She is super sensitive to wet nappies at the best of times so I think I need to try a new brand of nappies any suggestions would be greatly welcomed 😊 we are currently using nutmeg which worked fine for her older sister but are proving pretty useless for her.
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I'd say definitely Pampers for overnight use. Pricey but you could use Nutmeg during the day and Pampers overnight.

My LO was the same witn pampers. I use now sainsbury and Tesco. I don't know others my dear

We used Pampers when our youngest was tiny, then moved to Aldi ones when he was on size 2s. Both were equally as good.

Aldi nappies are very good they do a premium range for the smaller sizes

i used aldi mamia ones religiously, couldn’t recommend enough, sainsbury’s little ones are also really good

I’ve just changed to sainsburys 12 hr dry and they’ve been fab as was having the same problem!

I think it's a bit of trial and error until you find what works for your baby. No nappy fits the same on every baby. We had the same issue at night with Aldi and now use Pampers premium (purple pack) in a size up for night and stick to Aldi in his usual size in the day.

Aldi Mamia Premium are also very good but found from size 4 upwards they would leak constantly, few others parents on here have said the same. Degintiely trial and error like Ashleigh said above.

For us Aldi was terrible at night, despite having to change him twice the nappies would still leak. I tried boots pants nappies is size up and that worked but then I actually switched to night ones Pampers pants and so far only one leak accident so seems ok!

The Pampers ones with a plus are more absorbant than regular. As it was said before, it's trial and error. My son has super sensitive skin and is unfortunately allergic to Sainsburys and tesco nappies. Annoying but we just buy pampers when they're on offer. Also found the pants work better than the tabs but not sure they come in smaller sizes.

We found that with nutmeg switched to sainsburys, super cheap and the best ones yet! Think we’ve tried them all!

Size up overnight.

Ive always used pampers never had an issue xx

Pampers were great for us until recently when baby got more active at night. We decided to switch to nappy pants as we figured this would reduce the likelihood of leaks out of the side of the nappy which is where our issue was. We picked Eco by Naty as the first ones to try. Baby was in one for over 12 hours last night and no leaks! It’s only one night but I’m hoping we’ve cracked it. So nappy pants might be your solution if the leaks are happening at the side.

Tesco nappies have been a great for us - they're also Aldi price matched so good on the purse too

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I found them all different through different sizes. My daughter is now size 3 nappies and both Aldi Mamia and Morrisons nutmeg ones can get us through the night. When she was size 2 both leaked, and when she was size 1 the nutmeg leaked after about 2 hours. I’ve just been rotating as she changes sizes. Stopped trying Tesco though as they were rubbish

If you can get hold of Rascals and a friends (only stocked at Tesco) they are fab! My boy had an awful nappy rash in September and they definitely helped with that

Weve sworn by aldi mamia nappies x

For us Pampers are the best ones, Aldi ones are pretty good too xx

I use the asdas own little angels they seem to work great for us as my 14 week old is sensitive to a wet nappy too

You can size up with one and the best nappies for us is Tesco Fred and flo ones 😁

We tried all different brands at the beginning and have been in Asda Little Angels for a good year and a half now. No sizing up or down for night time, just the same nappies for day and night. Sometimes on a morning they are very full but no leaks which is the main thing!

We found that when the baby starting leaking through it was time to move up a size.

@Laura tried that. Not worked on my baby


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