Regression and insomnia

Man am I in a pickle right now. Babes going through 6 month regression and in stead of sleeping as I’ve only had 3 hours of sleep I’m absolutely bolted awake and can’t sleep. Recently I’ve been suffering with chronic fatigue I’m constantly achy or sick with something (UTIs, ulcers, flu etc) and today is the cherry on the cake when I can’t sleep even after babe has woken me up 5 times to be cuddled to sleep. I’m exhausted!!! Why can’t I bloody sleep?! Does anyone else have any experience of this and what it might be? Thanks, Sleepy mum x
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I’m going through the exact same thing at the mo however last night was the best it’s been!! I normally tend to bath a night then have a night off as my babies skin is dry in some patches but I’ve been getting into the habit of bathing every night with baby oil drops in.. and it’s improved her skin massively also.. try to stick to the last feeding time as much as possible and other than waking up once for her dummy to go back in (which she went straight back sleep after) she woke up just a hour before normal morning feed!! … Keep being persistent mama! You got this!! Also if you have fairy lights or a night light I’ve noticed that relaxes them more .. mine is a little madam and almost demands head strokes 🙈🤣 xx Keep us updated on how tonight goes x

In here with you, trying to hold tight as they say it doesn't last forever 🫠

Do you pick up your phone at all. Try moving it away. That always wakes me up xxx

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