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I wanna better my relationship with god and better myself but I don’t know where to start I feel as when I’m reading I’m doing it all wrong, I grew up knowing him but not really knowing him and the people in my life only ever brought him up to their own gain but never truly worshipped him and I don’t wanna be like that, I don’t wanna go to a church as It’s not me but rather a small bible study group? More like minded/open minded people open to discussions on the topic possibly? Even one on one (plus looking for mom friends that’s like minded would be great as well)
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I feel the same way, I also don’t want to be going to church because I feel like other peoples demons can lurk onto me. I grew up knowing of him but not knowing him on a deeper level. I just read the Bible and daily devotions it’s made such a huge impact on my life 🫶

@Carolina 💚 I have my bible KJ version and when I learned of others I didn’t know if I even got the right one learned that the Ethiopian is the only one even closest to the original scriptures so I feel as though what I’m reading is a lie or far bent truth, I wanna read it more I just feel I don’t understand or I’m going about it wrong I also have the Bible app as it sends me quotes every morning and I want to pray more often just don’t know if I’m being heard or i think like what if he doesn’t feel as though I truly believe, I’m a big over thinker and I feel it’s whats got me in a pickle on it all I want to cut so much out of my life like ties with earthly things such as obsession with clothes or needing new this or that being controlled or strings pulled by the devil towards pride and greed or other sins all that

Really? I heard that the KJV is better than any other bibles. I use to read the catholic version because that what I grew up as but as I got older I realize that I don’t believe in religion and I believe in god himself. I really have to do research because there is many saying catholic was first or Christianity was first so I am also still learning. I also have the KJV Bible app and I read it every day or it has the audio so I make sure to listen to it at least once a day. I also remember overthinking it too much but as long as you believe he truly our lord and savior. Many things have happened to me in my life to make me truly believe this.

@Carolina 💚 I see then atleast I know I’m doing something “right” I also would have to do more research as I didn’t know that the KJV is a good one my fiancé got it for me as he knows I’m trying to get closer to god I grew up in Christian household but as I mentioned it’s not like they really spoke of Christ unless it was for their gain/advantage. I gotta start a routine for myself day and night with reading/listening to the Bible and same with prayers I just personally don’t know what to speak on but I also don’t want my relationship with god to be built on others and by that I mean feeling as though I’m doing so to cater others like my example is church, anyone can go and put on this big show that they love and follow Jesus in front of others but in reality that’s like the only time he’s even on their mind you know what I mean? Also few things in my life have also made me believe and cause me to want to better myself

Don’t start with the Bible don’t start with church just start with conversation with him everyday and then when you get into the word 📖 pray before you read and pray while you talk too him be honest and be so open with him. He already knows your heart and wants and needs have faith ♥️🙏🏽

Just remember not a lot of people are going to follow the narrow way of life. I really had to cut out a lot from my life and I don’t really have much going on in my life because I choose not to participate in many things I know is only of the world. I believe the same, I even saw it with my family they had to be there each Sunday or this person would talk about them or they would want to show people that they are really into god like that so I distanced myself from the church because that is not what I want. I want to be close to god in my own way not because of other people as well.

This has been my first bible while being saved and born again this book became the love of my life. I’ve tired reading other bible and I couldn’t understand it was boring and felt like I was doing it wrong and I had no faith and relationship but I pray you find the one that is for you and you may have understand of God because the word is God so may you come closer 🙏🏽♥️

Start with speaking with the Lord every day, let him know how you feel. He is a present friend and let the Holy spirit interpret the Bible to you.

I can definitely relate to you on this one. I'm in constant search for the truth and want to fully reconnect like I once was before. I still attend church but to me it's more so for the people as they have become like family. I've been on this journey of maisfestation, prayer and meditation. I've stripped a lot of things out of my life as right now. But you are not alone!

When I first came to the Lord about 15 years ago, I had never read my Bible. I had no idea what it really meant to even be a Christian… I thank God for sending me these Bible studies because each one helps you to gain a better understanding of the Word, what it means for you and how you apply it to your life practically. You can sign up for these free Bible studies and do them online or they will even mail them to you if you want to do them on paper. But it’s completely Bible based and has all the verses to back it up. Start out with these studies along with reading your Bible a little each day and your relationship with God will grow ❤️ feel free to message me if you want to talk more.

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