High blood pressure

Guys I’m terrified. I have chronic anxiety and high blood pressure normally and I’ve just ignored it but now that I’m pregnant I’m terrified. I’m at 5 wks. I stopped self medicating my anxiety with marijuana since finding out I’m pregnant. My blood pressure is sitting at 156/108 so far through this pregnancy. They have me scheduled for my first obgyn visit on March 7th but I need to go in sooner right?!?! Bc I think this makes me high risk????
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How far are u? The doctor will probably give u medication

@Gabi I’m only 5 weeks right now… I just wanna see the doctor sooner

Please talk to your doctor! They will medicate you. I have chronic high blood pressure and continued my same medicine all throughout my pregnancy with no issues. I am also a former smoker and that will lower your blood pressure too. So especially with quitting, you should get in asap. This probably will make you high risk, no need to worry, just get into the doctor because they very well may need to refer you to a cardiologist after. No need to stress yet though! Just be honest when scheduling an appointment and express your concerns!

Thank you so much @Jess

I developed high blood pressure during my pregnancy. I didn’t have to go on medication till after but mine was lower then yours. Like the other ladies said you’ll probably be medicated. And looked after. They will probably consider you as high risk. Because of high blood pressure. And at least for my hospital. For high blood pressure they plan to induce at 37 weeks. But I’d talk to your doctors to see what their plans/protocols are for high blood pressure. Easier said than done. (Cause I get the feeling of just being anxious and preg) try not to worry too much. I would listen to hypno birthing and work on my breathing. And I’m assuming your have a blood pressure cuff already so you can monitor!

@Makenzie yeah I’m trying not to get anxious about it… thank you so much… I’m eager to talk to my doctor so hopefully I can move up my appointment. I’ll call them tomorrow

You are your biggest advocate! I wouldn’t mess with high bp during pregnancy. For me it wasn’t comfortable. Mine got worse at the end of pregnancy and I was pretty much begging them to give me medication. Which it helped a lot!! 🤍

Call your ob office and advise them of your blood pressure and ask if they can see you sooner as this does make you risk, you will need medication to level it throughout pregnancy. They may also have you take low dose aspirin. I would call first thing in the morning.

@Justine thank you… I’m definitely calling tomorrow

I have this issue and it can feel rather scary by my ob always tells me knowing of the condition is half the battle. Best of luck 💜

I hade given up treatment for anxiety and depression soon aa I found out I was pregnant! I hade blood pressure problems and they gave me two aspirin of 75mg per night and now its under control even small some times! And in 8 weeks I'm gonna have a c section and our tresure is strong and healthy so don't worry I know is hard but stres is bad for baby and blood pressure.

@Klary T thank you love ❤️

They prescribed me 30 mg of Nifedipine

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