Sick of getting no sleep

Our little one goes down at about half 9, sleeps soundly until about 2am then the active sleep starts. She wakes me up and I can't go back to sleep, the only thing I can do is put ear plugs in and even that doesn't work great. I still hear her but I don't hear little movements. I'm tempted to put her in her own room but it wasn't our plan until she's 6 months, she's only 4 1/2 months.
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I am the the same with my little one. Sleep fine until around 2/3am and then after that it's soooo disrupted

I either lie there for the next 4 hours putting a dummy back in every 15 minutes or I just go downstairs and watch tele while I've got the baby monitor on. I'm shattered

Same! I can’t sleep as my boy is such a noisy sleeper n have to give him his dummy regularly in the night, I can’t wait till he’s in his own room as hoping I’ll sleep better x

My little boy was the same so moved him into his own room at 3.5 months and slept on a mattress next to him. I only just moved back into our room last night (he’s now 20 weeks) he woke at 10.30, dad stood beside him and he put himself back to sleep. Then 2, I went in and fed him. Then 3.30 dad stood beside him and he went back to sleep till 6.15. Not perfect but trying to stay consistent and keep the dummy out! So hard haha xx

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