Is it actually hard to keep your house clean?

I keep hearing from friends or family that it’s going to be so much harder to keep the house straight once baby comes on top of hearing “no more me time” This is my first child. I also have my partner that helps around the house too.
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It definitely gets hard when baby comes, I struggled after having my son, it takes a lot of motivation to clean after the baby, I only had motivation to be a mom & thats all but when the baby goes down for naps its hard to clean also because you’re exhausted you just have to push yourself to clean when you don’t want to.

Is it from exhaustion or just having extra things to clean up? We’re thinking about hiring his mom to come clean once a week to help us out. Sweep, laundry , dishes etc. I feel like I could do it but everybody can’t be saying the same thing for no reason.

Definitely from exhaustion & you will find yourself falling asleep everywhere honestly & it never feels like you get enough sleep in the first few months

It also definitely depends on the baby! It wasn’t even the exhaustion for me, I have always had insomnia so I handled the baby exhaustion pretty well thankfully. My first is a Velcro baby for sure, which meant he literally wouldn’t let me clean. I can rock him to sleep and keep rocking him for an hour but the second he gets laid down (be it in his own crib/a pack & play/etc) he is immediately awake and screaming. We tried everything I swear 😭. And when he’s awake all he wants is to be held or played with. The best thing I’ve found for the sake of my house is cleaning while baby wearing—I didn’t really like the Moby wrap after the newborn stage cause it loosened too quickly for my taste when he got heavier, but I am IN LOVE with our ring sling, even if learning to use it was a lot of trial and error. Highly recommend baby wearing once baby is old enough & if you can handle it physically (it can get tiring pretty quickly & some people just don’t like it—which is totally understandable)

Personally I don't find it hard if I clean as I go and always clean up after myself. When my son naps I don't clean I relax and rest and then I clean up when he's awake

It's much harder when kids get older and make larger messes lol

Like everyone above said, it’s definitely hard because of the exhaustion. After the newborn phase, we purposely started to invite/have people over often that way we were forced to keep it clean. Baby wrap is a great way to keep up with chores and extend baby’s nap. But if you can afford to hire someone to clean, I’d definitely suggest you to go for it! The transition from 0-1 baby is usually the hardest. Take all the help you can get! Good luck! 🫶🏽

For me yes. My house is a disaster 24/7. But I'm not a sahm. I work full time, have 3 kids with 1 on the way, we have 2 of our own dogs plus currently 2 foster dogs, my boyfriend works out of town during the week so we only see him on weekends. Usually by the time I get home, gets dogs out for their potty breaks and run, get kids fed, and homework done I'm so exhausted I usually go to bed when the kids do. I try to get some stuff done in the morning before work or while dinner is cooking but that's not a lot of time to clean. The only time I actually get to clean is the rare day I have off during the week when I still put the youngest in daycare and the 2 bigger kids are at school. It's my only "free" day which happens maybe twice a month. We are usually busy on weekends doing family stuff because it's the only time my boyfriend gets to see us. But he helps out the best he can before he leaves on Sundays, usually makes sure all the dishes are done, laundry is clean (not put away) and garbage is taken out.

Newborn are easy My house was clean It’s them toddlers years that’s challenging

My house is a disaster and it’s not even my daughter lol it’s the other adults I live with that never take care of anything

I heard it is harder to keep the house clean. I'll be paying someone to do deep cleaning once a month to help out.

I find it difficult. Even as a sahm, it's not easier. People make messes. No one likes to clean. Being with the kids and taking the little one through my daily life routine, she watches me clean and tries to help, but obviously, it's not helpful. Then I have my 11 year old, I homeschool, and he's a freaking mess, I'm happy if he gets his chores done without me nagging. There's the giant man-child of a husband that needs me to tell him to do everything (we've talked about the issues and solutions, and yet I'm still somehow doing everything). We're adding baby 3, and it won't get cleaner, but that's ok. My house isn't supposed to be spotless. It's supposed to support our life, and the little handprints on the windows and sticky kitchen cabinets won't be there forever. We also have 3 dogs, a tortoise and chickens, so it's not like I don't clean. I just acknowledge that some things are more important than spending all day cleaning. You will find what works for you. Give yourself time and grace until then.

It depends on the kid. Some are more clingy than others. You could always try doing it yourself and hire if/as needed. But the biggest issue is usually the sleep deprivation. But now my issue is definitely the toddler.

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