Mickey Ds okay?

My last few weeks mainly 38th-40th (I’m 40 weeks today) I have not had any motivation to cook or even be around food almost like my first trimester, not only that but hubby and I are broke so we’ve been eating lots of McDonalds and Panda (but I get white rice and veggies there) anyways is it bad to be eating a lot more McDonalds in this time? I do eat a lot of fruit along with it to try to make up (I buy the fruit and veggies with my wic) or anyone else experience this?
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Girllll I ate McDonald’s almost everyday !!!! I actually ate McDonald’s the day I gave birth and I got McDonald’s the next morning lol!! Had a perfect baby!

@Em Thank you that makes me feel a lot better! McDonalds and Del Taco have been my biggest go tos when I have these aversions return. Panda is only because my husband loves Panda Express lol 😂

Yes omg !! Baby is going to love those when he/she is older !!!

McGriddles are one of my safe foods. I have major food aversions. I would probably avoid the fries if possible or ask for no salt because it can be bad for swelling and blood pressure but the important thing is that you eat.

I had McDonald’s today lol…I’m all bout organic n Whole Foods but I needed that McGriddle today

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