Cradle cap

My baby hair is flaking a little not to bad but it’s flaking. Is there any hair oils i can put in his hair? I wash his hair every time i bath him & brush & comb it. Is there anything else i can do to help the dryness?
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Breast milk 🥛

I use castor oil for hair everyday 2 to 3 times.

@Sindhu i can put oil in his hair ? He’s only 2 months

@Keykey I would use a gentle breast milk massage.

Coconut oil and Frida baby shampoo and brush has helped a lot for me

Organic olive oil helped my 8 week old cradle cap

Baby oil

i use coconut oil on my sons head for about 5-10 min before his bath. i learned that leaving the oil without washing will create more cradle cap

My baby just started showing signs of cradle cap and I instantly put breast milk on it. I just pumped a little milk, dipped a paper towel in it and rubbed the milk all over baby’s head. I made sure to rub it in good so all areas that are flaking could absorb the milk. I planned to let it sit for a good amount of time but I got impatient and rinsed it out after 2 mins. I’m amazed that it is now gone.

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