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So my son randomly wakes up whining in his sleep pretty much every night, but then falls right back to sleep. It makes me sad to think that he’s uncomfortable, but I don’t want to go in there and disturb him but tonight it has been way more frequent than normal and he’s got a runny nose and he’s been sneezing All day and I feel so bad thinking he’s uncomfortable. I just want to go get him and lay him with me but he likes being in his bed cause he’s used to that but it just makes me sad when he’s sick and I can’t really do anything to comfort him cause I don’t want to disturb him. But I know when I wake up a bunch throughout the night, I didn’t get enough sleep, and I feel like crap the next day wish there was something I could do
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No harm in a snuggle wen they sick its wat they need is a little extra closeness gets u both threw the night if he's used to sleeping in his bed getting him back to that once he feels better should be no problem but if ur not comfortable with that and he is doing OK other wise it's all up to u but from my experience and my own personal opinion I think a night or to of Co sleep won't hurt nothing might even get u both a better night's sleep which is always a good thing lol n don't beat urself up to much! mom guilt is a powerful thing n it's OK to give in to ur mommy instincts that's wat they r there for my husband used to make me feel so guilty about co sleeping n "babyin" the baby till one day I was like i love you but I'm doin it my way for now defiantly helps the mom guilt to lay off n teaches baby they can rely on u always even at these early ages

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