serious question 😂

anyone wanna push my baby out for me ? i’m scared 🥲😂 im terrified im going to tear, i have a big fear of needles and plan on using nitrous oxide instead of the epidural. i know itll hurt more. im just scared of getting stitches and the needle they use to numb you, what if it doesn’t work ? 🥲
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Lol good one! I’ve had that thought so many time. I’m going natural ( no drugs 😫) and I know most of the battle is mental. Know that your body is made to have precious littles. All will be and go well! Have a happy delivery and a positive mindset. All the BEST! Try to stretch and get your partner to give you a perineum massage to help prevent tearing. I hear it really helps

😭😭😭 when you find someone please lmk so they can push mines out as well lol

I tore when I had my first 🤦🏾‍♀️ painful afterwards when the epidural wears off

The adrenaline of labor will likely override that fear. I am phobic of needles but while in labor I did not feel them or care about anything except delivering my baby healthy

Smh I’m trying the gas as well cause I’m not getting epidural

😭😭 I felt this so much

I’ve joked with my husband every day of this last trimester that I’m gonna transfer the baby to him.😂😂 momma is done

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