Never had a uti before getting pregnant, and now I’m taking antibiotics for it. Anyone else struggling with this?
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Electrolytes help! I would always wake up with one and I started drinking a Gatorade zero before bed and it helped me stay hydrated!

Omg yes I’m on meds now for it.

@lindsey thanks so much for the tip! 🙏🏾

Yes! This happened to me a few weeks ago. No idea where I got it from, but staying hydrated and finishing the full course of antibiotics made it go away within a week.

Just got prescribed antibiotics for a uti too

Finishing up a 7 day course of amoxicillin on Thursday 😅

I’ve had 3 this pregnancy already. I’m driving water all day every day. I’ve got 4 more days left on cephalexin 🙃

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