So first time I ever went with my daughter to a friends house. She’s got a dog and no kids so you can imagine how not kid friendly her house was. Then yup, the dog attacked me and tried going after my baby luckily she had a thick jacket on he couldn’t bite her like he bit me…. Never again!
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That’s terrifying. I’m sorry momma :/ my daughters fathers dog jumped over my 18 day old baby and almost trampled her when he was jumping to the window. It’s the worst feeling. Not to bash your friend… but to me, that is just an untrained dog. Most dogs are actually really intuitive to little ones/ pregnant/ nursing/ even on your period women. Sounds like the dog has had to fight to be part of “the pact” within that household and maybe thought you were a threat to their spot. (All dogs have a pact like mentality)… which speaks to the owners more than the dog itself. I hope you both are okay!!! Don’t let that deter you from going out though. It’s good for your LO and you. Even with the most non-kid friendly places, you and your LO will adjust. My daughter finds literally EVERY little thing i somehow miss vacuuming up.. and maybe I’m just lucky, but she gives it to me. Even if it goes in her mouth for two seconds, she spits it out.

I’m super adamant about not yelling “no!” I say, and sign “stop.” “Leave it.” “Can you please give that to momma” If it’s something super dangerous, that’s the only time I say a hard firm NO. So kid friendly places or not, I feel it’s just the way your kid responds to you. (Same for dogs. But that’s a whole different set of feelings in your case lol)

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