Baby class anxiety

Does anyone else have anxiety about going to their first baby class/group. My little girl is 5 weeks old, and I'm excited to start going to classes but also anxious about her crying the whole time or being really fussy and being able to settle her and ruining the class for others Did anyone else feel like this before starting baby classes/groups or am I just over thinking it all?
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Yes! Being the mum that has no idea what she’s actually doing 🙈 I’m no good going to places I don’t know people anyways but my friend who’s kids are older said no one really knows we’re all just winging it 🙈

Don’t panic. You’re not going to ruin the class for anyone as everyone is in the same boat. You can’t predict when your baby is going to get unsettled. Change your baby, feed your baby, let your baby sleep or any other needs your baby sort them out in the class.

We went to our first sensory class on Sunday. My LO is also 5 weeks old. He slept through most of it 😂😂 I then changed his nappy to wake him up a bit but allllll parents in the room were seeing to there babies. Feeding, rocking, playing, changing. Trust me no one will be looking at you or judging. And you’ll be in the right place if you need to ask for help. I felt silly at first, singing to a sleeping child 🤣 but I got speaking to some of the parents during the breaks. It’s good for you aswell as the babies to get out the house, keep routine, see other faces and have adult chat. You won’t be best friends with these parents on day one, but there were parents in my class who had made friends over the months they had been going. I suppose it’s nice to see other children grow also.

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