What are the things you have accepted or made peace with postpartum?

I have accepted that my house will be messy, i will always be tired and any amount of sleep is good but not enough. I am 7 weeks pp. Tell me yours.
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I’ve accepted that I’ll never have my old body back. And it won’t be just me and my boyfriend anymore. I’ve accepted that I have a huge responsibility now and I’ll never not worry all the time. I’m 10 m pp

I anticipated the pp hair loss so it just doesn't bother me that much. I knew it would happen and I know it'll grow back in time. I've also accepted that my heart lives outside of my body now

Ive accepted that after breastfeeding my boobs will never be the same (and thats ok).

I’ve accepted that mentally I’ve become another person. I’ve started to respect and treasure my body more. Oh and that my house will forever be messy 🥲😂

I’ve accepted that my house will be messy, clothes will stay in the dryer that little bit longer and I have to share my food. I’ve made peace with the fact my village never showed up and still doesn’t. I’m 16mth PP.

I’ve accepted that I’ll probably hate my partner for the next year 😂

I'm 3 weeks pp. I've accepted that any sleep is good😅

I love this post 🥰 I have accepted that sleep is a luxury, my little girls needs come first, my husband and I's relationship is different but that it's not a bad thing, I am an anxious person and need to let go sometimes! I'm trying to accept my pp C-section body 😭 I'm 7 months PP

That every single day is different and it’s normal to have good days and bad days. And it’s okay to not entertain my baby every single second of every day and drain myself to exhaustion!

@Sophie guess i needed this

@Katie haha..i told mine that i will have tantrums due to hormone..he said he knows😂

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