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First and foremost, I am SO happy to be pregnant! Being a mother is truly such a wonderful experience. It is such an indescribable feeling. But, this first trimester has definitely been a roller coaster. Mainly because of the unrelenting symptoms and the void of social support. Most of my closest friends are single and not dating and there is nothing wrong with that. I’ve been married almost a year and now expecting. With every new life circumstance, I feel myself getting further and further from them. Even though I’m excited to meet my little one, it is hard not being able to share those same joys and experiences with those close to you. I’m sure they feel similarly, and are annoyed because all I want to talk about is my baby! I hope it gets easier. 😔 (here’s a pic of my little one, I love so much already 💗)
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Same here girl lmao I have four friends and none of them have kids! And I’m the only one with a kid and married lol so I definitely understand! But if they push you away cause of your pregnancy or married then to me, they ain’t really your friends!

@Elyssa great to know others are in the same boat 🥲

I totally get how you feel! My husband and I got married and had our first baby when we were still in college. Now that we're 30, more people around us are having kids, but it's still hard. I don't live near any of my close friends anymore, and making new friends isn't easy.

@Jessica the support needed during pregnancy is so great. 🥲 I’ve been so queasy every day, thankfully haven’t been vomiting as much. The symptoms alone are enough to make me wanna stay at home. It’s so hard to give to others when ur giving all that energy to baby. I’m so sorry you lost a great friend in the process.

@Joelle for real, it’s so hard to trust people and to start over. And it seems like everyone else has their friend circles already established. I’m almost 30 now, but my friends have been sadly single for years. I don’t ever relate to their struggles and sometimes I do feel a hint of resentment. I try not to talk about how happy I am with my husband and new baby. I am really overjoyed, and I should freely be able to celebrate in those things.

100% was in your shoes with my first. My coworkers were either childless or hated being parents and then when I left work, they all pretended to want to stay in touch but blew me off every time I suggested meeting up. You just have to find a new tribe. ❤️ Idk if you’re on Facebook but there are lots of local mom groups that have playdates and meetups. You could also see if your hospital offers any monthly groups for new moms.

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