Any one considering some type of sports or activities for their little ones? My 13 month old seems to love kicking a soccer ball and is suuuuuper active! I’d love to get him into some kind of activity he’d love just not sure where to start since he’s still so little.
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I don’t even know of any organizations or anything that does child support that little. The earliest I ever heard is four as far as like baseball soccer basketball football but little girls can start gymnastics and dance at like two lol I’d love to do the same for my son as soon as I find something, that will do it before the age of four if not, I’ll wait till then but I’d love to see him active

@Katie same!! I’d be good with just activities for him just to keep him moving and maybe find a hobby along the way or something. And to burn some energy cuz he’s a wild one😂

Mine is 13 months and he doesn’t even walk yet he’s running around, holding onto everything walking perfectly. If I hold his hand, he’ll walk perfectly, but he still isn’t walking yet and that’s unusual for me. All four of the others were walking before the age of one and I’ve done a lot of research and it says it’s perfectly normal as long as he’s walking, holding onto stuff by this age, but I just feel like somethings wrong. I don’t know I overthink sometimes.

Try to look at what your school district offers. There is some gymnastics that’s take children as young as 16 months.

@Katie I overthink everything don’t worry! My son started walking at 9 months but doesn’t speak too much yet, he’s my first so I don’t have much comparison but I’m leaning all babies move at their own pace!

@Daisy I’ll take a look thanks!

Look into soccer academies in your area. My son is like yours with an interest in soccer even before he could walk, now he walks around kicking the ball and practicing his aiming to boxes or whatever we can use to practice his aim. We found a professional school we plan on enrolling him but the earliest they accept is 18 months. So we’ll just keep nurturing this interest at home for the meantime.

We go to indoor play parks

That walk is the cutest

No one has said this yet but I’d watch those bowed legs and possibly get them checked out sometimes it can be normal.

@Alycia thanks, he’s already been evaluated and X-rayed and is okay 🙂

Oh okay! Never mind! Good job mama!

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