My baby is turning 1 next week . I put her on whole milk (cow milk) red cap like a couple of days ago I didn’t think a week would make a difference She did good the first couple of days but today she is pooping light green diarrhea not watery but definitely still diarrhea and poor thing ended up getting a diaper rash because of how much she’s been having the poops Yes I applied special diaper rash cream for it but Idk what to do ? Should I just stop giving it to her ??? How long does this diarrhea last ?!?!😭
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Introduce it to her slowly. Mix breast milk or formula with the whole milk and give it her

@Janae' I messed up I should’ve done that I thought giving it to her only morning and night before she goes to bed was okay and wouldn’t bother her i should’ve mixed it half and half for her I feel horrible she’s crying and in pain uncomfortable as soon as I change her or wipe her 😭💔 She’s all red and irritated I feel so stupid my baby is in pain the only thing I thought to do was give her Tylenol 😔❤️‍🩹

Give her a warm bath with oatmeal. Get some Balmex. It’ll be fine within a day. Balmex is the best butt cream.

And don’t beat yourself up momma. It’s all a learning experience. You’re doing great! ❤️

@Janae' thank you so much for this advice and constructive criticism I really appreciate you ima try it tomorrow good thing she has a 1 year apt with her pediatrician so hopfuly it gets better by tomorrow ❤️‍🩹🥺

Has she ever had issues with dairy?

@Elizabeth no she has not her poops generally are good there never that light pale green diareah 😭

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