Baby girl seems to be having a rough go with her top teeth coming in. Sleepless nights and unusual fussiness. Any thoughts on ways to soothe her little mouth?
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I use the Camilla Liquid doses and It has really been helping my baby girl with her teething pain. I also put her pacifier in the freezer and since she has multiples I’m able to swap them out when one isn’t cold anymore and she sleeps better that way.

I second the Camilia liquid doses!

Yes, yes, Camilla liquid works. My baby girl is having the same issue, but that helps, and I got this never used pacifier until this for her teething, and she loves it. There's an ice tray you can buy too with it. But definitely what @Phy said Nippii Baby Freezable Teether Pacifier Fill with Water. Freezable Pacifier Provides Cold Soothing Gum Teething Relief for Teething Babies https://a.co/d/dbvVBuP

I've used amber teeth necklace for my babies. Does it help hard to say does it hurt no. I did speak to someone who used one for wisdom teeth pain and she says it helped so 🤷‍♀️

Messaging with a wash cloth and anything cold that can kinda numb the area for them

Thanks for all the input mommas!

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