Implantation Bleeding

I think I got implantation bleeding earlier today, and I'm just curious as to how long every waited before they tested positive after getting implantation bleeding? Thank you 🫶🏼
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I have had implantation bleeding both times I’ve fell pregnant. The first time, I had it 10 DPO and tested at 11 DPO which had a vvvfl. This time around, I waited until 12 DPO and had a very clear positive on 2 tests. Good luck!

@Sarah Thank you 🤍 Appreciate it very much x

I got a very faint positive a week after implantation, and then negatives for weeks. So I waited until my next due period and sure enough for my clear positive 2 days late for period.

@Mya Thank you! I took a test this morning and had a very very faint line, so I'm going to take another tomorrow morning to get a definitive results, just in case it was a false positive or something. Thank you for commenting 🫶🏼

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