How do I tell my husband I am not attracted to him anymore???? He has gained so much weight. I’ve tried to motivate him to lose weight. I’ve tried to encourage him by working out myself. I know this may sound superficial or harsh. I hate I feel this way. He is an amazing father and dad. However he is very lazy when it comes to his health. What else can I do!
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Be honest about it

I’m sure either way it goes he’ll feel hurt but being truthful will be the fastest and least harsh way to do it

@🌸 Frida I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I’ve pretend as if nothing is wrong.

Maybe just try changing the diet in the house as a start and ask him if he wants to go on walks or exercise with you make it about you if you don’t want to hurt his feelings, just tell him you want a workout buddy lol or you want to do more activities With him so you two can spend more time together. Tell him you want to try a healthier diet.

If you can, try not to make it about his looks. It might be more reasonable to him if you explain that you’re concerned about what he’s modeling for the kids in terms of healthy decisions and life longevity. You want him and the kids to be around for a long time and neglecting his health feels like he isn’t caring about how long he’ll have with you and the kids, and what they might take from him.

If you continue to ignore it he will eventually notice

Is he going though something? Sometimes people let themself go when they’re depressed. I would start the conversation off with that then after a bit if things haven’t changed then I would be honest

Honestly I'd come at it from the "I'm worried about your health" angle. You can't motivate someone to lose weight if they don't want to. It does sound superficial and harsh but it's how you feel and that's okay.

Maybe it’s just me and my husband’s way of being honest, especially after all the changes my body went through with our forts child. But he would neverrrr tell me I’m getting bigger or too small but I tell him, Please tellll me if I’m gaining weight if I’m slacking on my health! It’s hard for him to even agree when I saw pics of myself from someone else’s camera! I had a lot of surgeries too that played into my fluctuations but I’m pregnant with baby 2 and I lost a lot of weight and I worked on myself a lot! I have always been honest with him “babe, you need to go take. A day for yourself to the gym you’re looking skinny, I know you’re not feeling your best! I motivate him because I know within 2 weeks he’s like a new man! Motivated and feeling better! He just needs a push. So maybe find a way to be honest and raw and motivate him!

Cook healthier for the whole family. That’s what I’ve done 😂 mine hasn’t gained weight but I just want us to be healthy. We go on walks w the toddler and dog to the park. I make him go markets, festivals, expos, zoo w me on the weekend (I invite another family along so it’s a family day out) I make sure that it’s at least 2/3hrs of walking 😂😂 I just incorporate heathy lifestyle for us but very subtly, just to maintain our health and current weight. Over the years he’s told me when I’ve gained/lost and I tell him (we were both at our biggest 10yrs ago) and we don’t take it to heart, coz it’s true. He’s told me recently that I’ve lost alot, and that’s true too. But either be honest, or start more healthier habits for you both to follow

This is so unkind, and some of the comments omg. Imagine if the genders were flipped and OP posted that her man said she was fat and he no longer is attracted to her. People would come down on that like a tonne of bricks yet it’s ok for men to be shamed. Awful.

It possible he already knows, u should just start off by saying you don’t feel good lately and that u think you both needs to eat healthier for your family .

Honestly there is no way to go about this and not hurt his feelings if the root of it is that you aren't attracted to him because he gained weight. Now, if it was that he doesn't take care of himself thats one thing, but basing it on weight itself is going to hurt him.

Guys everything yall are saying is true and the majority I’ve tried. He hates to eat healthy. I’ve tried that route. I’ve tried the let’s go on walks with the dog, I’ve tried the “I am worried about your health” route. It’s almost as if he’s fight against me. I feel like the ball is in his court. Like I mentioned earlier he is so lazy, he drives trucks and when he comes homes, he really just wants to relax. He doesn’t have motivation to do anything else. The depression part could be true. We talk about a lot with each other. The last thing I can think of is a mental health therapist. So we can see what’s really triggering this. He was in shape in early 20s and early 30s we get married and he blows up like a ballon. Idk if he’s comfortable with me or what I gained weight in the beginning, that honeymoon phase of course. The truth is…he knows he has gained tons of weight, but I think he feels he’s at a point where it won’t fall off as easier like before. 😫😫 it’s like he’s given up.

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