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How would you feel if your SO has his phone unlocked, but as soon as you sit beside him, he locks it? It has happened on numerous occasions, and I haven't said anything, but it's bothering me. How do you approach this?
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Always listen to your gut!! Be direct, respectful, and honest about how it’s making you feel. In my experience, and in my own opinion. They only do that when they’re up to no good and have something they are hiding from you. Last time I encountered that, he was in fact having an emotional affair with a co worker. I would ask him to see his phone when it’s unlocked. See how he reacts to that request from you. My dude is on his last straw … Trying to hang in there for our son on the way. He knows if there’s even 1 more thing he does we are done and gone from him. Best of luck to you! Hopefully he will choose to be honest, where you both can move forward together. Feel free to message me if you need to vent or ever want to chat. :)

Hi love not everything is a negative but you could always ask him to open it so you can see if you don't trust it. I've done that couple of times with my husband but it's because I'm gift shopping for him and don't want him to see what I'm getting him so the quickest thing to do was lock my phone.

I'd bring it up

My partner does this it's a trigger response from his abusive ex who would sit next to him and take his phone and kick off if he was texting anyone female even if it was his boss about a job he was on for the following day and she was updating what he needed on site etc I brought it up early on he explained it and I said well trust me I'm not the same but don't worry I won't make a deal out of it ever.

Tell me you're hiding something without telling me 🙄 when I was dating that was always a sign of who they were and what they were up to.

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