my toddler is 4 and had direah earlier now she now has stomach pain like twisting hurting. what can i give her besides water. i’m sure her stomach is hurting her and is twisting and turning. help! should i take her to the hospital it’s direah but wha helps with the direah pains. she hasn’t foraged since earlier. i have her ibuprofen and direah chewables . she doesn’t want to drink water besides kick and cry
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Try Pedialyte. If she not eating. If she’s having stomach pains it might be best to go to urgent care just to make sure nothing is wrong and it’s just diarrhea.

Try kinderlyte, if she isn’t a big fan of juice mix it with water. Give her more kinderlyte than water though! Good luck mama!! 🫶🏻

@Angeli it also says it has more sodium in it which is this case is beneficial for the toddlers’ diarrhea plus the electrolytes are almost equal to that of Pedialyte. Kinderlyte also does not have artificial sugar like Pedialyte. I think personally for me if you want a vegan option v8 fruit juice is completely natural and body-amour is really great as well. But I wouldnt say necessary for kids. But now you have a plethora of options to pick from. Pick what’s best for you. Like she said. Good luck and I hope your toddler gets better soon.

Gripe water?

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