Night time🙏

My little boy is almost two. He’s still waking up every night for a bottle round midnight, he will go to sleep round 8/9. And gets up super early 5am🥲 any tips would be appreciated 🫶
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Have you tried getting him down earlier at around 7? Not working for us unfortunately but heard from others that an earlier bedtime could lead to a later wake-up time in the morning! Anyway I’m sending you strength and hugs as we currently deal with 5am wake up time in the morning and it’s just too early for me 🤦🏼‍♀️

I’ve tried like bath , bottle and bed 🥲 7/7:30 but nothing is working. He’s been waking up the past few days at 4 am! I know it’s hard going isn’t it haha x

my sonnwas like this and we only managed to stop the night bottle in January, what happens when you tell him no? I tried weaning down the oz and also mixing it with water etc and saying no but that didn't work, shat did work believe it or now was saying no the milk is asleep,and I would offer water instead in a beaker,the first 2 nights were rough but after that he stopped waking and asking for milk I now put a beaker pf water in his bed but he rarely drinks it and just cuddles it for comfort he still wakes in the night most nights but generally for a cuddle and I tell him then if he asks no milk it is asleep etc Good luck 👍 sometimes some babies need longer to drop the bottle feeds overnight and in the US the guidance is not to try and stop then until 18 months onwards anyway,the UK advises 12 months and over but honestly so many of my mum friends say their 12 month old was still having night bottles

also I would suggest an earlier bedtime,what is his dinner/food and milk/bed time routin

He has dinner 5/6 and bath and bed but he just doesn’t go to sleep! He tries and plays with his toys. He has a bottle before bed and then sometime he wakes up for one as well x

it's a difficult one is he in his own bed or in the cot with rails still? is he truly tired or maybe he needs a short walk around somewhere before bed

He’s in a bed now, yeah I think he needs his energy out . Maybe I will try going for a walk and shorter naps x

We tried different bed times, but if we put our boy to bed earlier than 8:30 (he falls asleep around 9-9:15) he wakes up multiple times and very early in the morning. 😂 and usually its just impossible for him to fall asleep earlier. I would love him to go to bed at 7 😭 that sounds like a dream.

Yeah I’ve tried different times but it’s mainly when he’s tired ! But does your little one sleep through till the morning ?? Xxx

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