Do you still follow the one extra layer advice? And do you still always have a shirt sleeve vest under a long sleeve vest or a jumper?

Edit : I mean indoors
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Yes I am still putting our boy in a long sleeve vest and long sleeve top or jumper, and then a coat if we go out and it’s cold enough x

Yes, but depends on the weather. So it might be a long sleeve vest under a jumper. I also have these extra thick leggings (and a coat) I put on her as well if it's cold as sometimes the snow suit restricts her movement 😅

Depends on weather but currently yes, a vest under top or jumper and then coat or pram suit if we’re outside

@Ellis @Leah @Jen what about I doors

Indoors a vest under long sleeved top or jumper at the moment generally. If it’s a less chilly day then a long vest with dungarees

Same, she wears the same outfit inside and out but I layer up, so the coat and leggings or pramsuit are the extra layer. Hat etc.

Yes still a vest and top either both long sleeve or short sleeve and even at night, vest sleepsuit and sleep sack x

Thank you all xx

Not always, I just go by the heat of his skin x x

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