Mommas I don’t know what’s wrong with my baby.. I know she’s not sick and isn’t hungry and has a clean diaper but every single night for hours on end until like 2am she has to scream at the top of her lungs, keep the entire house up, but is fine if being held. My parents coddled her a bit too much in my opinion, and now she throws major fits at bedtime. I’m at my wits end, I’m sick with the flu so I’ve had them taking care of her and she’s keeping me up and I can feel it triggering my post partum rage but all I ever do is take it out on my bf or parents when I’m overwhelmed with her screaming. What is going on? I’ve tried teethers, comfort things, meds, even resorted to trying melatonin because my bfs mom suggested it. NOTHING PUTS HER TO SLEEP. I’m not kidding when I say she DOES NOT NAP AT ALL during the day, and doesn’t sleep till 2am and wakes up at 8am like clockwork. Help please I’m at my wits end and ready to just put headphones on to even breathe
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Take her to a chiropractor. They can help her parasympathetic system to help her sleep. A chiropractor near me(in SoCal) is $30 a session, therefore it’s not super expensive.

@Victoria I’m not in a position to pay for that unfortunately I can only get what insurance covers, I’m in a rough spot. Currently sitting next to her as she smacks me cuz I put her down

How old is ur little one ?

@Christine 15 months. I know melatonin isn’t recommended, it’s why I didn’t continue I only tried it cuz my bfs mom suggested it. I’m really at a loss, she doesn’t like white noise or light at night either

@Christine when she was colic literally nothing soothed her, she’s still the same except holding her makes her quiet for a bit till she gets mad at you for not letting her grab your hair

Your baby is probably going through a developmental stage every time that happens their sleep patterns change you have to change her night routine or make a stricter night routine when my daughter went through this it was frustrating but adding a baby calming oil to her feet back and chest helped her sleep through the night again and massaging her tummy down in a v motion, I always worry about her being constipated so I do that as an extra precaution. When I feel my rage start to flare up I have to literally say out loud “ she’s not giving me a hard time she’s going through a hard time” take your deep breaths and regather yourself and it’s ok to put her down for five minutes to give yourself time to stay calm. If all that fails skin to skin while rubbing her back always soothes. You got this mama

How is she in the car? My mom and grandma used to have to drive me around the neighborhood to get me to fall asleep.

My son is struggling with sleep now too. Last night he went down like normal but he was up for 2 hours in the middle of the night and then got up at 7:30 like normal. One thing we started doing is setting a really strict routine for bed time. And then I’ve started transitioning away from holding him in the middle of the night. I was researching sleep in 15 month olds and a lot of it said to touch them and squeeze their arms and legs (like deep pressure not to be mean) and it can help them sleep. We make sure he gets at least a half hour of running around before bath and then we get pjs on and get ready for bed. The running around helps them with vestibular stimulation- which in turn helps them settle in for bed. We learned that making sure he gets the vestibular stimulation and the pressure helps him sleep better. Still not perfect but we are getting better! Good luck mama. You got this.

@Brittany she used to fall asleep but now it’s watch out the window as long as she physically can

@Emily we try to actually get her moving more before bed in hopes it would tire her, doesn’t always work though 🤣🤣🤣

Is she teething? I and my friend have been dealing with this and we both gave in and gave a little Motrin and it seemed to help. I use meds as a last resort but he was so fussy and even crying in his sleep then waking screaming. We just had to give 2 ml and he slept the rest of the night.

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