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My baby had a chesty virus and over the past week she wants to be on my nipple from midnight till the morning 5:15. It feels like back in newborn stage and cluster feeding. If i offer her a bottle she refuses, she just want munching on me the whole night. Anyone else baby is so clingy too? She aswell is only having few teaspoons of pure a day. Her appetite dropped. Before she used to eat 2 pouches a day. Is she so hungry? I'm exhausted from this behaviour. 😩
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I had the same when my son had his first 4 teeth coming through. I think it's because they get so much more from breastfeeding than just milk - it's comfort they want and apparently your body can detect when they're poorly and your milk adapts to this. Pretty freaky but amazing what the body does. I don't have any advice in afraid but our constant feeding did pass x

@Emily it makes sense. Her teeth are coming through

Awww then I feel your pain. We had a rough few nights and he just wanted the boob, would fall asleep then wake up as soon as I tried to put him back in his cot. It's rough 😩

My LO has gone back to cluster feeding all evening like a newborn, her 2 bottom teeth are just cutting. It’s so tight but hoping it’ll pass when her teeth are through! Xx

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