Teething or anything else

My baby is sucking on his hand continuously and he wants to take everything to his mouth even our face also 🤣 i dont know how to help and whether its teething or anything else
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If it’s teething you should be able to check his gums they’ll probably appear swollen/red. Also pulling at the ears, increased fussiness, not wanting to sleep as usual

It's most likely the beginning stages of teething, is he drooling more than usual? If so then yes. Babies at this stages are bringing everything to their mouths also. It's how they learn the world at this point in their lives

@Allie thanks , he isnt pulling ear but this trying to eat everything habit has increased over past months . I will surely check for all other signs

@Olivia yes i totally agree but when teething happens how will i control the fussiness?

I got my baby some freezer teething toys for now and teething gel on hand for when they begin to break through and cause pain. I just ordered the fruit feeders for her too

@Alana i have also ordered fruit feeder, can you share me link for freezer teething toys link, also teething gel? I am trying to give him peeled chopped carrot so that he can chew on it with his gums

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