All I going crazy?

Can anyone else see a cross??
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I definitely see it!! How many dpo are you?

About 12-13 days I'm worried it should be stronger at this point though :( x

I see it perfectly clear and would say it’s positive if it’s any comforting to you. Call OB and let them take it from here. Wishing you good luck and a successful pregnancy 🫶🏽

Congratulations ,I definitely see it..mine was not also clear at first but had my baby 5weeks ago 🙂

Do another test I would say 👀

I think it’s positive, congratulations x

Yep that’s clear as anything! Test again in a few days. Congrats 💙🩷

it’s there!

I see one

You can clearly see a positive

Yup it's positive x


Mine was lighter than this and I chucked it in the bin …. I was infact pregnant and he’s now 6months old 💙

I'm super excited and shocked this was my first time trying after my ectopic pregnancy, I just hope this baby is in the right place :( x

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