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My daughter has been waking up more in the night and her sleep has really gone downhill . She is 4 soon in march . She wakes up almost like she has a night terror then gets scare and struggles to go back to bed . My husband suggested a night light but I'm worried wouldn't that make her sleep worse if this bright light in the room . What's the best night light what's still there in the room but not noticeable so not very light . But still a small bit of light
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My daughter is also 4 in March and such a terrible sleeper. She will last 3-4 hours and then wake up. Sometimes I can get her back go sleep and sometimes I’m in there for up to 2 hours with her still wide awake. We have tried many different night lights., I did a lot of research on what coloured lights worked better & even tried pillow sprays, oils, nighttime gummies. THEY ALL MADE NO DIFFERENCE WHAT SO EVER! So for our own sanity, and her not waking our 15 week old, what ever time she wakes in the night she comes into our bed and she falls straight back to sleep and sleeps great! Obviously if she wakes before 10pm I will go and put her back to sleep and 99% of the time she does! She has always been such a terribly sleeper too. Forever waking up shouting for me & crying.

It helped my son wit his. Plus a low dose of natural melatonin I think they make 2.5. My son has insomnia lays their 5-6 hours a night to fall asleep. Melatonin is natural in us n no addictive qualitys or side effects like drowsiness

@Jasmine what light did you find worked for you . Want one what isn't to to bright but still noticeable so she wakes and not pitch black and scares her . I am not having her in our bed . That's not an option . I wouldn't sleep properly and she I don't think would either. As she is a light sleeper my husband would wake her snoring .

He loves the closet light bc u can close it to a crack wit a shoe. I adjusted my son to a hard sleeper by playing nature sounds helped him. Now I can holllar won't wake him up.

@Hannah unfortunately we haven’t found one that worked. They are all terrible and too bright ect. She’s also slept with a white noise machine since she was born and that does help block out loud noises ect

We use the Hatch night light - it is pricy though. I wanted one that I could change colours to teach her when to stay in bed and when ok to get up. It goes really dim and we have it on red at night which doesn’t disrupt sleep. She falls asleep fine with it on.

@Tracy taking melotonin reduces the amount of melotonin your body naturally produces. That is why it’s so hard to get even on prescription. This is such terrible advice to give anyone.

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