Moms who always gave their baby a bottle or nursed to sleep

How did you get your baby to go to sleep after you stopped giving bottles or stopped nursing? We still give my son bottles at his nap and one at bedtime. My son is a terrible sleeper so for his nap I would probably have to rock him for at least an hour if he doesn’t have his bottle. Like he definitely isn’t a let’s go lay in bed and go to sleep baby and never has been. So any tips on how to help him sleep without the bottle? He also hates stuffed animals and blankets.
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I will say, we stopped at one and that was super helpful. Weaning him off the bottle at one made it a lot less painful. First you don't have to not give him something to drink. Switch it to a straw cup of soft silicone spout cup. Then when he's used to that switch to water instead of milk.

Rock him for an hour. It will become easier and easier plus you can't regret the time spent snuggling!

I incorporated other nighttime routines that we do every single night. They are silly but we brush teeth, kiss the photo of us as a family, we kiss some of her stuffed animals, we read a book and then we sing a few songs and I feel like that really helped her to know her new routine without a bottle. Idk if that helps any.

@Amy I can’t physically hold him that long. He won’t let me rock him in a chair.

@Janelle yeah maybe I will try and incorporate some other things. Sounds like you guys have a really cute bedtime routine.

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