What do I do.?

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and I haven’t been able to pay my OB off. I owe about $317 but my husband is the only one working and between all our bills, it’s definitely hard to get to it. I’m supposed to have a C-section but never got an induction date and I just don’t know what to do or how to go about this…
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I would call and talk to their billing department. You may be able to finance it with them.

Definitely see about financing it! I still owe damn near 3k for my son who is about to be 15m old…ontop of whatever this one costs me. The hospital was able to set up a payment plan for me paying $50 a month - its worth calling to see your options 🤗

my ob/hospital provides financial aid, and i got approved, 100% fully covered. does your place have that? it would say it on the bill and their website

@Ali is right. They could help you with a payment plan. @Dana is right too, if tou talk to a social worker at the hospital, they can also help you with the financial part of delivery and birth.

Talk to a social worker they will help you I had the same problem

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