Climbing out bath! 😰😰

So baby sits in a bath seat for her bath time. She has recently started grabbing the bath and pulling herself out of the chair 😰 she then either refuses to get back in- stiffening her body which is always fun with wet slippery skin, or straight away tries to climb out again. It’s making bath times very stressful and difficult. Any advice? She definitely isn’t ready to sit in bath without a support.
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A different seat, what type are you using already? Xx

Mine kept doing the same when in one of those, didn’t like it after a while, so moved him into bath without a seat. (As long as able to sit up on their own) should be fine. Think way of telling you, she doesn’t want the seat anymore? If can sit on her own, try in bath without seat and put her bath toys in and see how that goes. Be careful as might try to stand if had enough too. Mine does when he’s had enough 🤨 Hope that helps x

Yeah we tried that two nights ago and she was just launching herself headfirst in the bath 😂 she has no fear.

Oh wow! Kids. Haha Sure they purposely make us go grey x

Hi! We had the same issue and just bathe our little girl in our bath now. Buy an anti slip mat and some suction toys to keep bubba entertained in one spot. Helped us a lot and she absolutely loves her bath time xx

We use an anti slip mat and a lot of toys and he just shimmy’s around the bath playing with them! Could you bath with your LO for a few times until ready to not use the chair?

Thanks everyone!

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