Do I have to do ghusl?

Me and my husband are trying to have a baby. So there’s a lot of intercourse and usually we do after isha because I can perform ghusl and go to bed. But today we did before isha and I made ghusl after and got ready to pray then felt a gush. I’m sure it’s residual from the intercourse. I googled it and mostly everything says no, that I do not have too do ghusl again but can anybody else offer me advice? Women who are informed on this matter? Thank you.
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I’m sorry, I’m not sure, but when I’m not sure, I just do it again, just in case🤷🏻‍♀️better to be safe then sorry

@Klaudia thank you for your response ♥️

Salam sis! No need to redo ghusl, but Should change your underpants/trousers if any got on there. Should also repeat wudhu.

@AJ yeah I wear a panty liner just in case!! Thank you sis♥️

That's great! Just changing the liner would be good enough in that case. You are welcome!

I think it would take all day for everything to come out 😭 so whatever comes after ghusl, just wash, change, and make wudu!

No need for ghusl again but redo wudu and clean the area/clothing/change liner. The deen isn't meant to make things difficult, alhamdulillah 💕

And duaas for you both on your journey to parenthood 🤲🏻

@Seeker thank you sister ♥️

Best of luck hunni Use a semen friendly lube - preeseed (check its not on the boycott list) Order ovulation sticks -bulk buy online and use a free app called premom to track ovulation. Take preconception vits-both of you inc folic acid for you Pray the dua before youre together - if you need this PM me Look into taking coQ10 In sha Allah you have good news soon x

@Mrs36 Salam!!! Thanks so much for all this info. Alhamdulillah I use the ovulation tests, the Premom app and also taking all the vitamins. May Allah bless us soon😭😭♥️

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